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Perpetual Motion

And if rain brings winds of change // let it rain on us forever. . .

Why I'm back...
My last 'real' entry here was Nov. 9th, 2004.

Mind you, I had a journal in the intermediate time, which was sparsely updated, and abandoned at the beginning of 2009.

My objections to LJ, which prompted me to leave in the first place - the commercialization of it all, were valid, but to be fair, Livejournal demonstrates more scruples than pretty much every other social networking site out there.

Plus... I grew up here. There's so much of my obnoxious, horrible teen angst here (locked away, thankfully), that how could I not miss the place?

In the past few years, I've been using blogger, on and off. The problem with Blogger is that you have to choose global permissions for stuff. Some things you want private, and some public, and some a mix between.
While Facebook has that capability, it's kind of a pill to use.
Additionally, the social networking capability for blogger sucks.

So here I am.

Take what's old, and make it new again.